Kristine Cassady

Kristine Cassady is a veteran homeschooler with over 16 years of experience in homeschooling and self-directed learning. Her and her husband, Pat, have five children ranging in age from 20-9 years old. Kristine has successfully graduated 2 of her children through the Unschooling model with one of them receiving a scholarship to a small liberal arts college and the other energetically pursuing her career goals. Aside from being an Unschooling mentor to her children, Kristine is also a certified Master Life Coach and energetic healer where she helps individuals and families transform their lives in a holistic manner. Kristine is passionate about authentic living in all areas and particularly enjoys helping parents support their children’s unique educational needs by helping them transition to a self-directed learning style. She is eager to support the families of Self-Directed Academy in their transition with this empowering way of learning.